About Animegination

Animegination is a demo website written by Rey David to apply new learned technologies. The website is an online retail site that specializes in Japanese animation (Anime) titles and American live-action titles. The entire product inventory in the website represents Rey's own private collection of entertainment media. Every item found in the website exists in Rey's own library, and is not for sale.

History of Animegination

The Animegination website is built on Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4 technology. In years past, Rey David has built earlier versions of the Animegination website using the latest Microsoft technologies of the time. The first version was written in 2002 using Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 technology. In 2005, the website was upgraded with Silverlight technology. In 2008, the website was replaced with Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 technology. In 2012, the website was rewritten with ASP.NET MVC 4 technology.

Future of Animegination

In February 2013, Rey David published a Windows 8 Application version of Animegination. The Windows 8 App may be downloaded for Free from the Windows Store. Just search for the app named ANIMEGINATION. For as long as web media and mobile media technology evolves, Animegination will continue to evolve with it. We look forward to the future, and the exciting new technologies that it will bring.


We remind you that this is only a Demo website. None of the items in the website is actually available for purchase. We do not use the user information for any purpose other than demonstration. Nevertheless, when entering user information, please do not enter any actual credit card data.